vendredi 23 décembre 2016

Oops! And, Happy Holidays!

Better late than never! Yes, this post was supposed to be done on Monday, letting you all know I was off this week for Christmas break; but apparently with all the drinking, eating, shopping, and drinking, it never got done.

So, just to make it official, I was off this week, and technically next week, since is on break until the New Year. However, I will be posting one last video for 2016, after the holiday, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday, and, as always, enjoy! 


mercredi 21 décembre 2016

Apa Itu Om Telolet Om? Telolet Adalah…


Apa sih itu Telolet? Ada apa dengan Telolet hingga mendadak jadi trending topic di Twitter? Telolet adalah aktivitas iseng atau permainan anak-anak yang merekam suara klakson mobil bus atau truk di daerah Jepara menggunakan video ponsel.

Biasanya, baik siang atau sore hari, sekelompok anak kecil yang habis pulang sekolah berdiri di pinggir jalan, kemudian anak-anak kecil tersebut berteriak “Om Telolet Om”! Meminta sang supir membunyikan klakson untuk direkam.

Terkadang ada anak kecil yang berdiri di sisi jalan sambil memegang kertas yang bertuliskan “Om ! Telolet”, tulisan itu ditujukan kepada supir bus yang melintas di jalan raya agar membunyikan klakson busnya.

Nah, rupanya fenomena “om telolet om” masuk ke ranah internasional. Selebritas dunia seperti DJ Snake, Oliver Heldens, Hardwell, Zedd, hingga Martin Garrix beramai-ramai mengicaukan frasa “om telolet om”.

Bahkan, Hardwell membuatkan versi “om telolet om” ala dirinya yang seakan-akan menjadi sopir bus. Kicauan para selebritas pun mengundang rasa penasaran dari netizen dunia yang tak paham maksud “om telolet om”.

Video di bawah ini kocak

vendredi 16 décembre 2016

Deviled Lobster Tails – There's Something in the Details

I never blame people for not wanting to work with fresh lobsters, but when it comes to lobster tails, there is no excuse. Well, I guess the enormous price tag is also an excuse, but other than that, no excuse. 

Speaking of price tags, since the recipe is so straightforward, I’ll spend the rest of the post ranting about pre-thawed lobster at the market. When buying your tails, ask the person working the fish department to go into the freezer, and get you ones that are still frozen. Lobster tails are always flash frozen shortly after being caught, and sent to the grocery store in this state, which is how they should be sold, except they’re not. 

What the grocery store does is thaw them, and pile them in the fish case, so you think a big batch of fresh lobster tails have just arrived from Cape Cod. They sit there for a day, or two, or three, getting less fresh and sweet by the minute. So, bypass the “fresh,” for the frozen, which are fresher. I really hope that all made sense, but regardless, with fancy dinner party season in full swing, I really do hope you give these deviled lobster tails a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 4 portions:
Please note: I never measure when I use this technique, and so these are just guesses. Everything in this is “to taste,” so work accordingly.
4 frozen lobster tails, thawed and split as shown
1/4 cup mayonnaise
pinch of salt
1 tablespoon sriracha hot sauce
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons chopped tarragon, chervil, or dill

mardi 13 décembre 2016

Béarnaise Sauce – Maybe My Favorite ‘Aise

I adore a good hollandaise, and couldn’t survive without mayonnaise, but if I had to pick an all-time favorite ’aise, it might just be béarnaise. This tarragon-spiked, shallot-infused hollandaise is absolutely perfect with any and all steaks or roasts; especially lean ones, like our recent salt-crust beef tenderloin.

A sauce made from 75% butter has some advantages, and elevating lean meat is just one of them. This is also excellent on potatoes, vegetables, as well as just about any seafood I can imagine. And as I mentioned in the video, this can be used to make quite the memorable eggs Benedict.

We’re using the same revolutionary technique here that we featured in our last hollandaise sauce video, with one small tweak. If you’re feeling lucky, try to create your hollandaise over medium heat, instead of low. That’s what I usually use, but I played it safe, and went with low heat in that recipe, even though using medium is much faster.

You’ll have to keep an eye on things, but you should get results similar to what you see in this video. By the way, just like when making regular hollandaise you can adjust the thickness by adding in a little hot water if necessary. So, whether you’re going to enjoy this with salt-crusted beef tenderloin, or something else just as special, I hope you give this béarnaise sauce a try soon. Enjoy!

For the reduction:
1 cup fresh tarragon leaves, roughly chopped
1/2 cup thinly sliced shallots
1 rounded teaspoon whole black peppercorns
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
1/2 cup white wine
1/3 cup water

For the compound butter:
1/4 cup chopped tarragon
1 teaspoon drained capers
1 tablespoon cold butter

For the béarnaise:
2 large egg yolks
3 tablespoons tarragon vinegar reduction
8 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cubed
1 tablespoon caper tarragon compound butter
salt and cayenne pepper to taste
freshly ground black pepper, optional

vendredi 9 décembre 2016

Salt-Crusted Beef Tenderloin – No Lomo

I received a food wish for lomo al trapo a while back, which I learned is a Colombian method for cooking beef tenderloin. The meat is encased in salt, wrapped in a kitchen towel, and then set on top of hot coals. 

Crediting the intense heat, and salt crust, aficionados of this Colombian technique say it produces the juiciest, most flavorful beef tenderloin you’ve ever had.

It really sounded amazing, and I wanted to try it, but realized many of you would have trouble explaining why you were destroying a perfectly good kitchen towel in the process. So, I decided to try a towel-free salt crust technique I’d used successfully on prime rib before, and despite some minor aesthetic issues, it worked amazingly well.

Beef tenderloin is a lean cut of meat, which can make for a fairly boring roast, but that was not the case here. The tenderloin took on an intensely beefy flavor, and was so juicy that I thought something was wrong.  There was so much on the cutting board, I was afraid there wouldn’t be any left in the meat, but I’m happy to report every single bite was dripping with moisture.

Maybe this summer, when the grill is fired up, and I have one too many kitchen towels around, I’ll try the real lomo al trapo technique, but in the meantime I was thrilled with how this came out, and really hope you give it a try soon. Stay tuned for the béarnaise sauce video, and as always, enjoy!

Ingredients for 4 portions:
2 pound center-cut beef tenderloin roast
1 garlic clove crushed
2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
1 egg white
about 3 cups coarse-ground sea salt

mardi 6 décembre 2016

Tarte Flambée – Alsatian Bacon & Onion Pizza (Not Pizza)

The hardest thing about this amazing tarte flambée recipe isn’t the prep, or finding some exotic ingredient, it’s actually trying to explain to your guests why it’s not called pizza. I’m reminded of that old saying, “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and looks like a duck, sometimes it’s a trout.”

That’s right, while this is a pizza almost everywhere else, in certain places on the German/French border, it goes by the totally dessert-sounding name of tarte flambée. Just tell people the name comes from the fact it used to be cooked in a fire, and then trail off.

Once your crust is pre-browned and topped, you have several options for bringing this to a successful, and hopefully crispy conclusion. Since the bottom is already browned, I usually just broil it on high, about 8 inches from the flame, for about 5 minutes, or until the top is looking just right.

The other method would be to pop it in a 500 F. oven, for about 7-10 minutes, or until you’re completely happy. Or, you can actually do both – start in a hot oven, and then give it a minute under the broiler to seal the deal. Either way, I really hope you give this tarte flambée a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 4 tarte flambée:
4 balls prepared pizza dough (about 5 ounces each) Note: Wolfgang Puck pizza dough recipe would would perfectly
12 ounces bacon, sliced
1 large yellow onion, sliced, cooked with salt, until soft, but not caramelized
For the cheese mixture:
pinch of nutmeg
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
cayenne to taste

jeudi 1 décembre 2016

My Dream Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream

And by dream, I mean nightmare. I don’t test recipes. There is nothing in my contract that requires me to only post successful videos, and as you longtime viewers know, I do enjoy sharing the occasional flop, but this new and improved, vanilla bean pastry cream was not a one-take affair.

I’ve wanted to update our old crème patisserie recipe for a while, and long story short, I became obsessed, and ended up suffering through seven non-perfect versions before I was finally satisfied. The key to a great pastry cream is using the minimum of starch. You need enough so the cream holds a shape, but not so much it interferes with the flavor.

I found flour-based pastry creams easy to work with, but they have more of a pasty mouthfeel that gets in the way of the vanilla. That’s why this version is all corn starch, which we need less of to do the same job. Just be careful not to keep cooking it once it has thickened, otherwise you may compromise its thickening powers.

With the holidays, and their associated fancy desserts, right around the corner, what better time to work on your pastry cream game? So whether it’s for Napoleons, pies, tarts, or cakes, I really hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Makes about 3 cups:
1 large whole egg
2 large egg yolks
1 teaspoon kosher salt (1/2 teaspoon fine table salt)
1/2 cup granulated white sugar
1/4 cup corn starch
2 cups whole milk
1 vanilla bean, seeded, plus pure vanilla extract if needed
Tip: Save the scraped pods, and stick them in your sugar container for lovely, vanilla-scented sugar!
4 tablespoons cold butter, cubed

Pastry Cream is Coming!

Despite a few minor and uninteresting technical difficulties, the pastry cream video will be posted tonight! Stay tuned!

Cara Install VMware ESXi 5 Step by Step

vmware esx
Berikut ini kita akan menginstal VMware ESXi 5 pada server. Tapi sebelum itu Anda harus memverifikasi hardware yang Anda gunakan kompatibel atau tidak agar dalam proses installasi berjalan lancar.

Untuk memastikan kompatibilitasnya klik di SINI.

Jika hardware Anda kompatibel setelah dicek. kemudian Anda perlu men-download ISO nya dari web resmi mereka.

Untuk men-Download klik di SINI. (Memerlukan pendaftaran untuk men-Download ini)

Setelah download, silahkan diburn di cd atau anda bisa membuat usb bootablenya.Langkah 1: Anda akan menemui layar berikut setelah server running. Tekan Enter untuk Lanjutkan untuk boot dari CD Drive.

Berikutnya akan mulai loading ESXi installer.

Layar berikut menunjukkan inisialisasi ACPI.

Langkah 2: Tekan Enter untuk memulai installasinya

Langkah 3: Tekan F11 untuk menerima lisensi dan lanjutkan.

Langkah 4: Pilih instalasi Drive dan Enter untuk Lanjutkan.

Langkah 5: Pilih Keyboard Layout

Langkah 6: masukan root passowrd teman-teman

Langkah 7: Tekan F11 untuk memulai installasinya.

silahkan menunggu proses installasinya sampai selesai.

Langkah 8: silahkan reboot apabila proses installasi berhasil

Langkah 9: Sekarang instalasi sudah selesai. teman-teman dapat menemukan gambar berikut ini (untuk alamat IP adalah DHCP) buka ip tersebut menggunakan browser.

Pergi ke browser Anda dan ketik url alamat ipnya, dalam kasus ini adalah
Jika Anda mengunjungi alamat yang disebutkan di server Esxi 5 Anda, Anda akan mendapatkan layar berikut.

teman-teman akan membutuhkan vsphere client nya untuk ngakses host tersebut. silahkan download dulu di web resminya semoga bermanfaat.

lundi 28 novembre 2016

“Mille Feuille” (Napoleon) – Short and Sweet

This mille feuille, which I’m sure I pronounced perfectly in the video, is also referred to as a Napoleon, and is the easiest, “fancy” pastry I know. The technique for creating your “thousand leaves” is very simple, especially if you use frozen dough, which any sensible person should do.

Whether you use frozen or homemade dough, the key is to keep it flat. We do this by “docking” the dough, and pressing with another pan. I used a few layers of foil before placing the pan on top, to make sure it was in contact with the dough, and depending on the size and shape of your pans, you may need to do the same.

Most patisseriers will make these well ahead, and keep them in the fridge, so that the pastry softens a bit, as it absorbs moisture from the filling. This is standard procedure, and they are much easier to eat that way, but I actually prefer to enjoy them right away, so as to fully experience the contrast between the crispy, buttery pastry, and the cold, creamy custard. 

Stay tuned for the new and improved pastry cream video heading your way soon. In the meantime, your favorite recipe should work, as well as things like whipped cream, sweetened ricotta/mascarpone, and/or lemon curd. I really hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

-- Bake at 400 F. for about 15 minutes “pressed,” and then continue for another 10-15 minutes, uncovered, or until browned and crisp. I turned mine once during that time.

-- To make the icing, simply add enough water or milk to powdered sugar, until the right consistency is reached. For the chocolate one, I started with one part unsweetened cocoa to four parts powdered sugar, and then stirred in the liquid. Check this video if you are confused.

mardi 22 novembre 2016

Candied Yams – So Good You’ll Forget You’re Eating Sweet Potatoes

While it’s true the “yams” used in this gorgeous candied yams recipe are really just orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, it’s also true that no one cares, “yams” sounds better, and takes less characters to share on Twitter. Like I said in the video, I only mentioned it in case “that guy” is at your Thanksgiving.

I’m not a huge sweet side dish person, but I do make an exception for these candied yams, since it’s, well, exceptional. Part of that, I believe, is using lemon instead of orange juice, since we have plenty of sweetness, and what we really need is some tartness for balance.

Speaking of sweetness, I like to use a Grade B maple syrup, since it seems to have a little deeper maple flavor; or at least that’s what Alton Brown said once, and I believed him. Having said that, any real maple syrup will be just fine.

This will be our last video before the Thanksgiving holiday, and I’ll be taking the next few days off, so just a heads-up that I won’t be around to answer questions on the blog. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Anyway, I want to wish you all a very healthy, and happy holiday, and I really do hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 8 portions:
For the yams:
3 pounds yams, peeled, cut in 2-inch pieces,
2 quarts cold water
3 tablespoons kosher salt (or about 5 teaspoons of fine salt)
For the glaze:
4 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch cayenne
salt to taste
chopped pecans, walnuts or pistachios for garnish

jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Creamy Corn Pudding – Perfect for Holidays, Weekdays, and Weekday Holidays

Corn pudding doesn’t get the same attention as some other holiday side dishes, but it’s a real crowd-pleaser that pairs perfect with all your favorite special occasion meats. 

It also looks, and tastes like you have to be a good cook to make, which happily you don’t. If you have a decent blender, or food processor, there isn’t much that can go wrong.

If you are sans mechanical pureeing device, you can still make this by using the corn kernels whole. In fact, many corn pudding makers will leave some portion whole for texture, but as I said in the video, I like the smooth version best. 

The pan under the baking dish is optional, and if you’re in a hurry, you can skip it, which will cut about 15 to 30 minutes off your cooking time; but I like that it slows the cooking, which I think improves the texture. You can do the same thing with a water bath, but that’s slightly more work, and this really isn’t that temperamental of a recipe.

Speaking of cooking time, I used an 8” x 11” baking dish, which is kind of an odd size, so if you use the more common 9” x 12” casserole, you’ll have to test for doneness, as the batter will probably cook faster. Either way, if you’re looking for a special holiday side dish, or just something delicious to throw next to sausage on a Tuesday night, I really hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for a 12 portions:
2 pounds frozen yellow corn (buy premium quality)
3 tablespoons maple syrup
6 large eggs
1/2 cup milk
3 teaspoons kosher salt (1 1/2 teaspoon fine salt)
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup melted butter, divided (2/3 for batter, 1/3 for baking dish)
1 1/2 cups heavy cream

- Place baking dish on a sheet pan and bake at 350 F. for between 60 and 75 minutes, or until brown and just set. You may need to adjust for different size/shape baking dishes.  

vendredi 11 novembre 2016

Cara Menghapus MySql Lengkap Pada RHEL 6 / Centos 6

menghapus mysql lengkap dilinux
Beberapa waktu lalu saya menghadapi masalah dengan instalasi MySQL pada mesin Linux. Jika kita hanya menghapus paket-paket MySQL dan instal ulang tidak memperbaiki masalah, dalam banyak kasus pengaturan lama akan tetap ada pada server yang baru anda install. Dalam kasus ini saya akan uninstall MySQL sepenuhnya dari sistem dan menghapus semua pengaturan lama kita. berikut ini langkah langkah nya. disimak yah :D

Catatan: Jangan gunakan langkah dibawah ini jika MySQL teman-teman masih memiliki database atau sedang menjalankan database.

Langkah 1: Uninstall paket MySQL

Pertama menghapus semua paket MySQL yang diinstal pada server

# yum remove mysql mysql-server

Langkah 2: Remove MySQL direktori

Sekarang kita perlu untuk menghapus direktori data MySQL dari sistem yang secara default ada di /var/lib/mysql. Jika Anda tidak menemukan ini, itu mungkin akan berubah ke beberapa tempat lainnya, yang dapat Anda temukan di my.cnf file dengan variabel datadir. Menghapus direktori /var/lib/mysql dari sistem tapi kami lebih memilih untuk mengubah nama untuk menyimpan cadangan dari file yang sudah ada.

# mv /var/lib/mysql /var/lib/mysql_old_backupatau # rm -rf /var/lib/mysql

Catatan : backup file my.cnf yang lama terlebih dahulu.

Langkah 3: Instal paket MySQL lagi

Setelah menghapus MySQL sepenuhnya, menginstalnya kembali menggunakan Manajer paket yum, itu akan kembali menciptakan mysql direktori di bawah /var/lib /.

# yum install mysql mysql-server

Setelah menyelesaikan tiga langkah di atas, sekarang Anda memiliki instalasi MySQL baru pada sistem Anda dengan pengaturan baru.

mardi 8 novembre 2016

Chef John is on Vacation

Just wanted to let everyone know I’ll be on vacation until the middle of next week, and no, it’s not because I’m moving to Canada. Not sure how this rumor got started, but it's not true, and besides, California is way more of a foreign country than Canada will ever be.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing break, and suggest you use this time to catch up on all the videos you’ve missed. We have lots. Thank you, and we’ll see you next week!

vendredi 4 novembre 2016

Potato Leek Soup (aka Vichyssoise) – The Perfect Autumn in San Francisco Soup

This can be a strange time of year for weather in San Francisco. Our climate can suddenly swing from hot and humid, to cold and wet; which makes this potato leek soup a very valuable addition to the recipe repertoire. 

There is nothing better on a chilly, damp day than a steaming bowl of this; and conversely, few things are as delicious, and refreshing on a hot, sweaty day than a bowl of ice cold vichyssoise. As long as you cook the leeks long enough, you can’t go wrong either way.

Since the amounts of leeks and potatoes in yours may not be exactly the same as mine, be prepared to adjust the amount of stock in this recipe. It's always easier to add than reduce, so as long as your potatoes are covered, I’d play it by ear until it’s blended, and go from there. So, no matter what the weather, I hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 6 portions:
1 1/2 pound leeks (about 4 or 5)
4 tablespoons unsalted butter
2 teaspoons kosher salt, plus more to taste
1 1/4 pound Yukon gold potatoes
3 to 4 cups chicken broth/vegetable stock, or as needed to adjust the thickness
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup crème fraiche, plus more to garnish (click here for recipe video)
pinch of cayenne pepper
sliced fresh chives for garnish

mardi 1 novembre 2016

Pork Osso Buco – Keeping it Real without Veal

I’ve never shared the same love for veal osso buco that most of my fellow Italian food fans profess, and it’s been the source of a fair amount of introspection. Was there something wrong with me? It’s a sticky, succulent shank, braised until fork tender; what’s not to like? Then I made it with pork, and figured it out.

It comes out too good with the veal shank. Because of their massive quantities of connective tissue, the sauce veal shanks produce is rich, sticky, and sweet; which I personally find overpowering. It’s great for a few bites, but then I’m over it, quickly. On the other hand, pork shank isn’t quite as rich, and gelatinous, and I personally enjoy it much better.  

For some of the same reasons, I don’t generally reduce the sauce too much. It’s not supposed to be a very thick sauce, and I’m generally happy to get to the coats-the-back-of-a-spoon stage. Anyway, whether you use veal or pork, I hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Ingredients for 6 portions:
six thick-cut pork shank sections
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon butter
1 large yellow onion, diced
1 large carrot, diced
2 ribs celery, diced
1/4 cup tomato paste
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup white wine
2 cups chicken broth
1 bay leaf
1/8 teaspoon ground clove, or *one whole clove
1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon dried Rosemary
freshly chopped Italian parsley and freshly grated lemon zest for the tops

* if using whole clove, tie in some cheese cloth, along with the bay leaf and other herbs to create a “bouquet garni.”

lundi 31 octobre 2016

Klasemen Terbaru MotoGP 2016 Setelah Hasil GP Sepang, Malaysia : Poin MotoGP Terbaru Rossi, Lorenzo & Marquez

Posisi klasemen untuk rider MotoGP di papan atas tidak berubah setelah hasil MotoGP Malaysia hari ini.

Klasemen Terbaru MotoGP 2016 Setelah Hasil GP Sepang

Marquez tetap di posisi puncak dengan total poin 278, dan sudah memastikan diri sebagai juara dunia. Rossi juga sudah menyegel posisi runner up dari kejaran Lorenzo setelah berhasil finish runner up di MotoGP Sepang hari ini.

Sementara itu Lorenzo masih harus bersaing dengan Vinales untuk memperebutkan posisi 3 di akhir kejuaraan nanti yang masih menyisakan 1 seri. Poin Lorenzo saat ini 208, unggul 17 dari Vinales yang berada di posisi 4.

Sementara itu juara MotoGP Sepang 2016 Dovizioso berada di posisi 5 klasemen dengan total poin 162.

Klasemen sementara MotoGP 2016 setelah hasil MotoGP Sepang Malaysia

1. Marc Marquez SPA Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) 278 points 
2. Valentino Rossi ITA Movistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1) 236 points (-42)
3. Jorge Lorenzo SPA Movistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1) 208 points (-70)
4. Maverick Viñales SPA Team Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR) 191 points (-87)
5. Andrea Dovizioso ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP) 162 points (-116)
6. Dani Pedrosa SPA Repsol Honda Team (RC213V) 155 points (-123)
7. Cal Crutchlow GBR LCR Honda (RC213V) 141 points (-137)
8. Pol Espargaro SPA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1) 124 points (-154)
9. Hector Barbera SPA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP) 97 points (-181)
10. Andrea Iannone ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP) 96 points (-182)
11. Aleix Espargaro SPA Team Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR) 85 points (-193)
12. Eugene Laverty IRL Aspar MotoGP Team (Desmosedici GP14.2) 77 points (-201)
13. Alvaro Bautista SPA Factory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP) 76 points (-202)
14. Scott Redding GBR Octo Pramac Yakhnich (Desmosedici GP15) 72 points (-206)
15. Danilo Petrucci ITA Octo Pramac Yakhnich (Desmosedici GP15) 71 points (-207)
16. Stefan Bradl GER Factory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP) 60 points (-218)
17. Jack Miller AUS Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V) 56 points (-222)
18. Bradley Smith GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1) 55 points (-223)
19. Michele Pirro ITA Ducati Team (Desmosedici GP) 36 points (-242)
20. Loris Baz FRA Avintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2) 35 points (-243)

Sebelumnya – Marc Marquez memang memimpin klasemen dan sudah menyegel title juara MotoGP 2016 dengan total 273 poin dan tidak akan bisa dikejar lagi oleh Rossi dan Lorenzo yang berada di posisi 2 dan 3.

Klasemen sementara MotoGP 2016 menempatkan Rossi dan Lorenzo akan terus bersaing untuk memperebutkan tempat runner up di musim balap 2016 ini. Sementara Rossi masih mengungguli Lorenzo dengan 216 poin, sementara total poin Lorenzo tercatat 192 poin.

Jangan lupakan juga Vinales yang siap mengancam Rossi dan Lorenzo, dengan total poin 181 dengan 2 balapan tersisa semua bisa saja terjadi.

Perulangan Pada Pemrograman Java

Perulangan Pada Pemrograman Java
Pada bahasa pemrograman java kita mengenal dua macam perulangan atau Looping, yaitu perulangan yang jumlah looping atau perulangannya sudah kita ketahui dengan pasti dan perulangan yang tidak kita ketahui jumlahnya. maksudnya adalah perulangan yang sudah kita tau dengan pasti berapa kali kita mau melakukan perulangan. sedangkan perulangan yang tidak pasti jumlah nya adalah kita tidak tau berapa kali perulangan tersebut akan terus berjalan atau menjalankan loopingnya.

misalnya dalam perulangan dalam java biasanya menggunakan for sedangkan untuk looping atau perulangan yang tidak kita tahu pasti jumlah loopingnya bisa kita gunakan jenis perulangan while , do - while.

Perulangan for

Pada perulangan for dalam java memiliki tiga komponen yang harus kita perhatikan dalam penggunaannya. yaitu variabel pencacah, perulangan bersyarat, dan perubah variabel pencacah.

  • variabel pencacah merupakan variabel yang digunakan untuk mengatur jumlah perulangan yang akan dilakukan oleh program. setiap program melakukan perulangan maka nilai dari variabel pencacah akan selalu berubah dengan posisi increment atau semakin besar atau decrement atau semakin kecil.
  • perulangan bersyarat merupakan suatu persyaratan supaya program akan menjalankan perulangan tersebut. persyaratan tersebut bisa berupa sebuah nilai atau variabel yang telah kita definisikan sebelumnya.
  • perubah variabel pencacah merupakan variabel yang bertugas untuk mengubah nilai dalam suatu variabel selama program menjalankan perulangannya. perubahan tersebut dapat menjadi increment atau semakin besar atau decrement atau semakin kecil.

Contoh Struktur Perulangan For Pada Java

for (variabelPencacah; persyaratan; peubahVariabelPencacah) {



Deklarasi diatas merupakan contoh struktur dari perulangan pada java yang sederhana, dimana diawali dengan for lalu diikuti dengan wariabel pencacah kemudian persyaratan lalu peubah variaber pencacah.setelah itu baru kita tambahkan statement -statement yang kita jalankan setelah program melakukan perulangannya.

Contoh program perulangan for pada java:

//Nama program:

public class Perulangan1 {

public static void main(String[] args) {

int counter;
int batasPerulangan = 10;

System.out.println("Perulangan ke-"+counter);

for (counter=1; counter<=batasPerulangan; counter++) {



Output program:

Perulangan ke-1

Perulangan ke-2

Perulangan ke-4

Perulangan ke-3
Perulangan ke-5

Perulangan ke-8

Perulangan ke-6
Perulangan ke-7
Perulangan ke-9

Perulangan ke-10

Pada potongan program diatas kita awali dengan mendefinisikan atau mendeklarasikan variabel counter dan variabel batasPerulangan yang memiliki tipe data Integer pada variabel batasperulangan kita inisialisasikan dengan nilai 10. dan seterusnya :D

//Nama program: Contoh Perulangan java ke-2 intermediate

public class Perulangan2 {

int bilangan1=6;

public static void main(String[] args) {
int bilangan2=4;

for (int counter=1; counter<=bilangan2; counter++) {

int hasil=0;
String angka = "";

hasil += bilangan1;


angka = Integer.toString(bilangan1);


System.out.println("------ +");


Output program:





------ +


Penjelasan program:

Program diawali dengan pendeklarasian variabel. Variabel tersebut adalah bilangan1, bilangan2, hasil bertipe data integer dan berturut-turut diinisialisasi dengan nilai 6, 4 , dan 0. Dalam program tersebut juga terdapat variabel angkadiinisialisasi dengan string kosong (“”). Pada baris perulangan for…dideklarasikan variabel counter dan diinisialisasi dengan nilai 1. 

Variabel counter dideklarasikan dalam statement perulangan for…, maka hanya bisa digunakan dalam perulangan itu saja. Persyaratan dalam perulangan ini adalah statement dalam blok perulangan dikerjakan apabila nilai variabel counter kurang dari sama dengan nilai dalam variabel bilangan2. Dan setiap kali statement dalam blok perulangan selesai dikerjakan, nilai dalam variabel counter ditambah 1 (increment).

syarat supaya terjadinya looping for boleh lebih dari satu statement dengan syarat kita harus menggabungkannya dengan operator Logika AND atau Operator logika OR. berikut merupakan contoh program java perulangan yang menggunakan operator logika sehingga kita bisa menambahkan lebih dari sati statement pada perulangan for.

public class perulanganlogika{

public static void main(String[] args) {

int bilangan1 = 1;

for (counter=1; (counter<10) && (bilangan1<bilangan2); counter+=2) {

int bilangan2 = 10;
int counter;

System.out.println("\t"+ bilangan1 + "\t" + bilangan2 + "\t" + counter);



Output program:

1        10        1

2        9        3

4        7        7

3        8        5

5        6        9

sekian postingan mengenai contoh perulangan for pada pemrogaraman java atau sebenarnya tidak jauh beda dengan perulangan for pada bahasa C atau C++ . semoga bermanfaat.